Documentary Theater Lab for Teenagers


A collaboration between Fool House Art Collective and IRCO Slavic Eastern European Center, this project marked a remarkable journey of exploration, creativity, and growth for participating teenagers from immigrant and refuge families.

The project took place from June 26 to July 13, encompassing engaging sessions from Monday to Friday, each spanning 4 hours.

Led by Alexander Chernousov, the Adapt-o-Rama Documentary Theater Lab provided an immersive platform for teenagers to delve into the intricacies of documentary theater. Guided by Alexander’s expertise, participants delved into the art of conducting interviews, crafting compelling characters, and unraveling thought-provoking narratives. Through the lens of documentary theater, participants embarked on a voyage of self-discovery and gained profound insights into the world around them.

The Adapt-o-Rama Lab was extended to teenagers aged 14 to 17 from immigrant and refugee families. It served as a melting pot of experiences, fostering connections and personal growth within a diverse community.

Alexander Chernousov
Director & Research Scholar
Under Alexander’s expert guidance, participants acquired invaluable skills in character creation, interview techniques, and the intricate nuances of documentary theater.
Irina Lavrinenko
Director & President of Fool House
Irina’s physical theater training empowered participants to transcend barriers and connect with their fellow performers through body language, adding a dynamic dimension to their expressions.
Kirill Nikitenko
Actor & voice-over professional
Kirill’s acting and improvisation masterclass enriched participants’ creative thinking skills, effective communication, and self-assuredness.

As we reflect upon this transformative journey, we are immensely proud of the accomplishments, growth, and connections that the Adapt-o-Rama Lab facilitated. We thank all the participants, expert contributors, and supporters who made this venture a resounding success.

Together, we’ve unraveled stories, discovered voices, and celebrated the magic of theater!

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