Hitchcock style Performance

Pig out of the wall

“Fool House promised to surprise and frighten me. Everything happened. I was surprised and frightened.”


The “Pig Out Of The Wall” project successfully and creatively transformed a non-theatrical space into a theatrical one. Fool House’s Halloween stage reading in Hitchcock style, interspersed with theater games, dancing, and singing, thoroughly engaged the audience.

“The “Pig Out Of the Wall” atmosphere immerses you in childhood. You see yourself in bed, getting ready to go to sleep. Your mother begins to read you a bedtime story, a fairy tale. Suddenly the magical children’s story ends, and you find yourself in a more sinister tale of adulthood. You want to close the book or, better yet, wake up and see this was just a bad dream. But you can’t: you’re not sleeping; you’re in the theater.”


What our viewers say

“Thanks to the director, the stage designer, and the actors. Thank you all for your courage, creativity, sincerity, and persuasiveness. The theater is alive, and your theater is definitely alive.”


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