Murder-mystery immersive performance

Purple Light

In a dark chapel on a moonless night, a figure in a black cloak laid out sixty masquerade masks on a table, then lit a single purple light. That’s how the performance started.

«Who Uttered the Word Death» is an immersive experience where every audience member becomes a part of the intrigue. As Shakespeare said, «All the world’s a stage,» and in this case, the players seem to take that quite literally.

The blend of detective work, improv comedy, and a masked New Year’s costume party creates an atmosphere ripe for suspense and surprise. It’s a production where the ending remains a tantalizing mystery until the final act unfolds.

Who is the actor? Who is the spectator? Who is the mysterious murderer? What freedoms and dangers does anonymity carry? What can we discover about ourselves by hiding behind a mask?

Purple Light was designed to be highly participatory, with a special emphasis on involving the audience in the creative process. One of the most engaging aspects was incorporating a Bauhaus-inspired theatrical game. This interactive element invited the audience to step into the realm of performance art, dissolving the traditional boundaries between spectator and performer.

The project served as a valuable platform for unveiling and promoting new local artists, particularly those from the Eastern European community and those who have recently made the United States their home.

Our Creative Team
Kirill Nikitenko
master of ceremonies
Irina Lavrinenko
director, stage and costume design
Astra Davalos
dancer, producer
Dasha Shleeva
Fiona Smith
contemporary dancing
Liza Myachina
circus arts
Andrey Temkin
music and singing
Inessa Crown
Evgeni Liakhovich
dancing, acting
Alexandra Obmanets
dancing, acting
Natalia Kukushkina
singing, acting
Yulia Tsarenko-Carey
Igor Surits
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