Stereotype as a canvas

Immersive street performance

Fool House Art Сollective presents an interactive street performance, «Stereotype As a Canvas.»

Fool House and a street performance? «Easy!» — was our response. And then, for several hours, the street was transformed into a walk-through gallery.

Stereoptype as a canvas
What marks the beginning of Art?

Does it even have a beginning or an end?

Many thanks to Svetlana Savina for the masterful creation of the mega-sundress and to Olga Byelogurova for the hard work of a model.

The transformation of the blank canvas into a collectively created masterpiece brought to us the happy faces of artists, adding their personal touches to the painting of the sundress. We have made new friends. It was such a productive day!

And the most important thing is that on this day, we’ve collectively created a theatrical costume that will be used on the stage in future performances. In a play about artists? Quite possibly….

Sometimes, Art brings to life a blank canvas that doesn’t belong to anyone and belongs to everyone.

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