Midsummer is a magical time when water heals, fire absorbs all negativity, ferns bloom, and herbs harvested gain extraordinary power.

We have been dreaming of traditional Slavic festivals for our community for a long time. By introducing you to Kupala, we are excited to begin this new tradition in summer 2022 as the first Slavic midsummer festival.

During the «Kupala» festival, our guests weaved eco-friendly flower crowns, created traditional cherry and lavender sticks, learned the symbols of ancient embroidery, and designed personal amulets. They sang and danced around a willow, jumped over the fire, and set flower crowns afloat on the water. The interactive quest «Find the Fern Flower» was the pinnacle of the celebration. 

Everyone had a chance to taste special teas brewed from local herbs harvested at their peak and to learn about their healing properties. In addition, different types of traditional Ukrainian and Belarus embroidered shirts were presented to your guests.

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We have brought together traditions, folk songs, dances, and crafts from different Eastern European cultures — Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarus. 

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