Theatrical fantasy based on Florian Zeller's play "The Hour of Silence"

Jazz for an hour

Fool House, like true music connoisseurs, is returning to the past, to vinyl days. Listening to a record is an exceptional experience.

Collectors take great pleasure in the process of setting up the record player, wiping off the dust, and lowering the tonearm onto the disc. They will spend hours cleaning and dusting their favorite vinyl to keep it in pristine condition. Setting aside AN HOUR OF SILENCE to listen to a record is a sacred time for them.

He’s a prosperous man with great wealth and a loving family. His passion propels him towards achieving his life-long dream. However, fate takes an unexpected turn, throwing a wrench in his plans in the form of a humble immigrant repairman.

‘Thank you for the gift of strong feelings, belly laughs, and deep thoughts about human nature.’

Tanya Maximova

‘It’s been a week, and I’m still feeling EUPHORIA. It was very funny and captivating, but also delivered very important messages. Big thank you to these wonderful folks for putting this exceptionally great play together and bringing so much joy to all of us.’ 

Katya Williams

‘Way to go, Fool House! I am your fan from now on!’ 

Igor Gofman 

Our Creative Team
Irina Lavrinenko
Director, Neighbour Natalia
Andrey Karyukin
Olga Nikitina
Olga Fedotova
Christina, Bella
Boris Shternberg
Kirill Nikitenko

‘Thank you for being a part of the weird and wonderful Portland scene.Talented, passionate, beautiful, witty, and ‘crazy’ (as quoted from the play).’  

Alena Gellhouse

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