Physical Theater Performance


An avant-guard theater performance telling a story of a young female art critic who is struggling to keep her educational (and provocative) art project afloat. Here FoolHouse is using the devised theater method, meaning that the scenes came mostly from collaborative and often improvisatory work of FoolHouse actors. The story is being told by physical movement, dance, conceptual costumes, classical music, and digital scenography.

«Elsa, why bother with art lectures for just nine attendees?»

The rehearsals started in 2021 and took almost 2,5 years to complete with three performances held in Milagro Theater (Portland) in March 2024.

«Elsa, you won’t be able to afford the rent. The new CEO will definitely kick you out!»

FoolHouse is taking an eye-opening journey into the world of classic and postmodern art. Together we explore many interpretations of art, its archetypes and genres and how all of this impacts our daily lives. Those who think that art is meant for the art critics and elites, think again. We are showing the audience how art woven into the very fabric of our existence and how it speaks to each of us in its most raw and physical form!

«Elsa… Are you crying?»

“F*** ME, POSTMODERNISM” gathered one of the biggest FoolHouse casts so far with 11 actors.

Our Creative Team

Alexandra Obmanets – Elsa, playwright
Alexey Tourkin — Gleb, Portland woman, square man, Demyan
Astra Davalos – Pollock, Barbara, ensemble, producer, digital scenography
Evgeni Liakhovich – Dan, digital scenography
Irina Lavrinenko — squarewoman, director, stage and costume design
Mykola Volyk — Alexander, ensemble
Natalia Kukushkina — Marina, ensemble
Olga Byelogurova — Warhol, ensemble
Yelena Tourkina — Frida Kahlo, ensemble
Yulia Tsarenko-Carey — VV, Dionysus, ensemble
Zoya Surits — Modiglianni, ensemble
Alex Gumerov — sound technician
Mykhailo Hrachov — lighting design
Olga Reuven — set design, hostess
Svetlana Savina — costumes

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What our viewers say

The provocative title of the show that comes from the original play by Bogdan Berko reflects the nature of art which combines beautiful and ugly, comic and tragic, sublime and low. It instigated an open and vivid discussion within the community on the reasonable limits of self-expression.

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